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Touch Voice +

19 usd

Touch Voice + is an advanced Medical Speaking App which allows speech impaired persons to communicate. Helping people with speech impaired medical conditions to speak; at home, on the go and now in hospital intensive care, ventilator and stroke wards, for affordable Android tablets (preferred) and larger phones. No Annoying Advertisements, app purchase includes all functionality.The app transforms a mobile tablet into an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device for those who are unable to produce understandable natural speech on their own.
OUR LATEST APP NEWS: Feedback shows app works really well with over 305 apps sold to date! This App is more advanced than the Apple iPad version. NEW: +GOLD allows you to store your own custom word phrases and requires the install of the full Google Chrome Browser, free from this Google Play App store.
Designed to address medical conditions such as Stroke, ALS, Traumatic Brain Injury, Brain Tumor, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Ataxia, Dysarthria, Laryngeal Cancer and potentially others not listed here or tried.
REFUND GUARANTEE: We can and will refund the purchase price of your app software if you find the app to be non-effective.
Over 4,100+ English speaking words and phrases with 37 common dialog categories
80 basic picture image speaking capability, general living needs, pain levels and emoticons for describing feelings, designed for specific hospital care scenarios
Large immediate speaking Yes and No buttons on every speech output screen
Auto speaking button reducing input to a minimum
Easy to use interface with simple help instructions for quick touch vocal communication
Pause / Resume speak button
Can be used in any common setting, home, hospital, on the go, etc.
High visibility in low light environments
Ability to concatenate word phrases with keyboard input, thus forming complex sentences easily
App is very affordable even after factoring in the hardware purchase cost of an Android tablet.
The Touch Voice + user interface is optimized for use by those who have mobility and dexterity challenges specifically affecting their ability of targeting and touching communication buttons with their fingers.
Supports installing third party high quality custom speech voices Male, Female and Child with natural human sounding speech synthesis voice
After App is installed it no longer needs Internet Access (or wi-fi) to function and no need for data plan or carrier saving you money monthly!